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Surgical Services

A few decades ago, recovering from surgeries like gallbladder and hernias could take weeks. But in today's world of advanced technology and minimally invasive procedures - under the skilled hands of our experienced surgeons at Cape Surgical Associates - many patients recover much more quickly.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

While minimally invasive procedures, also known as laparascopic surgery, can't be used for all illnesses, they can and often are used for colon, heart, prostate, bladder, breast, gynecological, and thyroid surgeries, among other operations.   ..more

Breast Care

The mission of Cape Surgical Associates is to provide innovative, comprehensive breast care that addresses the needs of the whole person.   ..more

Bariatric Surgery

The bariatric surgery team at Cape Surgical Associates helps you every step of the way, from nutrition and dietary guidance, to exercise plans, payment options, the actual surgery, and then to support groups to keep you on track.   ..more

Gallbladder Surgery

A gallbladder attack can be both frightening and painful experiences, which often occur at night, usually send people to the emergency room with pain and nausea feeling like serious indigestion.   ..more

Hernia Surgery

There are many types of hernias, and many types of surgery to repair them. Fortunately, in many cases the surgery can be done laparoscopically.   ..more

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